Friday, October 25, 2019

The End

The End – International title

A 2019 Dutch short animated production [ArtEZ (Amsterdam)]
Producer: Wiebe Bonnema
Director: Wiebe Bonnema
Story: Wiebe Bonnema
Screenplay: Wiebe Bonnema
Animation: Wiebe Bonnema, Alexander Hendricks, Anselm Oettel
Music: Thomas Kok
Running time: 5 minutes

Animated characters

The image of the brave and lonesome cowboy on horseback who, after his heroic deeds, disappears behind the horizon, is classic. This animation follows an archetypical hero after he has delivered the inhabitants of a small town from a pack of wicked bank robbers. After finishing his business, he vanishes from sight along with the setting sun, into the desert. But it turns out 'The End' is not really the end. What really happens to this chap and his faithful steed after the end credits?


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