Saturday, October 26, 2019

RIP Maurizio Graf

RIP Maurizio Graf. Italian singer actor and performer Maurizio Graf passed away on October 25 in Lugo, Rome, Italy. He was 78. Graf was born in Gorizia, Italy in 1941 and  was one of the most recognized voices of the Euro-western genre. He’s best remembered for his vocals on “A Pistol for Ringo” and “The Return of Ringo” (1965), but also for his song “Find a Man from” from 1968’s “Johnny Hamlet” (aka The Wild and the Dirty”. He also sang the main themes for “Killer Caliber .32” (1967), "Killer Adios" (1967).

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  1. Unforgettable songs! A great, very good singer, indeed! R.I.P.
    Stephan, from Brazil


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