Thursday, October 17, 2019

Spaghetti Western Location ~ Baños de Alicún de las Torres

A thermal hot springs can be found in the area of the municipality of Villanueva de las Torres (about twenty-five kilometers north of Guadix) near which, parallel to the road leading to the village of Gorafe, develops a spectacular canyon very similar to those of New Mexico. On the edge of the canyon was built a small set that represents the refuge of the old Frank James in the movie “Up the MacGregors” (1966). In this location, and also using the same set, scenes of “Any Gun Can Play” (1967) and “The Taste of Vengeance” (1968) were filmed.

“Up the MacGregors” (1966)

“Any Gun Can Play” (1967)

“The Taste of Vengeance” (1968)

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