Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Bud Spencer Documentary

[Le mille vite di Bud Spencer (The 1000 Lives of Bud Spencer)]

“A hard punch, a big heart, a funny guy. A hero of my childhood.
Rest in peace, Carlo Pedersoli, #budspencer “ - Heiko Maas, German justice minister

Carlo Pedersoli lived a thousand different lives. With this name it probably lived only one, the most intimate and familiar one. For the rest of the world, Carlo Pedersoli is Bud Spencer, an Italian actor, screenwriter and television producer.

Born in Naples in 1929, his comfort zone was in the water. After numerous awards won in the pools of Italy and the world of swimming and water polo, he first entered the big screen and then into the homes of all Italians, often together with his friend Terence Hill.

Swimming Olympics, David di Donatello's career award, all interspersed with some healthy fistfights. Bud Spencer became a star throughout Europe and was loved and celebrated with statues and names of dishes, such as the famous "Bud Beans".

Through unpublished family videos, exclusive backstage videos of his films and interviews with family The History Channel tells the incredible story of Bud Spencer, passing on little-known curiosities such as his past as an entrepreneur and an airline pilot.

An original production of The History Channel: THE 1000 LIVES OF BUD SPENCER, Tuesday 29 October at 10.40 pm, on The History Channel, channel 407 of Sky.

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