Monday, January 7, 2013

The Purgatory

Il Purgatorio – Italian title
The Purgatory – English title

A 2006 Italian, U.S.A. co-production [Primociak (Rome), Embassies of Cinema (Hollywood)]
Producer: ?
Director: Leonardo Corrbucci (Leonardo Zanobi)
Story: Leonardo Corrbucci (Leonardo Zanobi)
Screenplay: Leonardo Corrbucci (Leonardo Zanobi)
Cinematography: Daniel DeFalco [black & white]
Music: Luciano Storti
Running time: 12 minutes

Big Boss – Bryan Avila
Cowboy in black - Leonardo Corrbucci (Leonardo Zanobi)
Girl in Purgatory – Aleyandra Rodrigez
Henchmen – Kevin Huang, James Tord II, Ester Williams, Charles Tribe, Susan Morgan, Eric Jhonson, Chara Stozher, Luciano Storti, Sandra Storti,
Little Boy – John Terryan

A gunman dressed in black is seen wandering the desert. He comes across a girl who makes a pack with him to eliminate Big Boss. The gunman is transported to modern day Los Angeles where he finds a group of armed people sitting around a pool at an apartment building. He sets down a photo of Big Boss and is met with gunfire which he returns, killing them all. He in turn is killed by Big Boss who has come up behind him. We then see the gunman back in the desert and given another chance to get Big Boss. The second time the man in black kills Big Boss and is set free from his duty. In turn, now Big Boss, dressed in black, is seen riding the desert and meeting the girl in Purgatory.


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