Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Remembering Arturo Dominici

Arturo Dominici was born on January 2, 1918 in Palermo, Sicily, Italy. After World War II he married the noble Palermo Irene Quattrini, with whom he had three daughters, the second of which is the popular actress Germana Dominici. Arturo made his screen debut in 1947 with “Il principe ribelle” directed by Pino Mercanti which was followed two years later by “Yvonne la nuit” directed by Giuseppe Amato, appearing with Toto. Dominici later became best known as a villain in films of horror and fantasy, as the monstrous Igor Javuto next to a young Barbara Steele in “The Mask of Satan” (1960) directed by Mario Bava, which marked a turning point in his career and he became known as the "Italian Roy Barcroft". Dominici also used the aliases Arthur Kent and Henry Kruger.

In the seventies he appeared in many television dramas, including the role of Secretary Osborne in “A come Andromeda” directed by Vittorio Cottafavi (1972), and General Duseigneur in “L'assassinio dei fratelli Rosselli” (1974) directed by Silvio Maestranzi.

In his long career, starting from the late 1950s, he was also active as a voice actor, lending his voice to among others, Martin Balsam, and James Doohan in many of their films. He also played Papa Smurf in the popular animated series “The Smurfs”. Dominici was the Italian voice of several actors in the Euro-western genre including Gerard Tich in 1970’s “Companeros!” and several undefined characters in the two Trinity films.

Dominici died of throat cancer at age 76 in Rome, Italy. Today we remember Arturo Dominici on what would have been his 95th birthday

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