Monday, January 21, 2013

RIP Michael Winner

Michael Winner: Death Wish director dies aged 77

Film director and newspaper columnist Michael Winner has died, aged 77, his wife Geraldine has confirmed.

Born in Hampstead, London on October 31, 1935, he directed such films as “Scorpio” and “Death Wish”.

He was also famous for his barbed restaurant reviews, written for The Sunday Times under the banner "Winner's Dinners".

Winner had been ill for some time. Last summer, he said liver specialists had given him 18 months to live.

Winner began his career as a journalist and film critic before joining Motion Pictures Limited as a writer and editor in 1956.

His first work as a director was satirical but he became better known for his action films, especially the violent “Death Wish” series, starring Charles Bronson.

In later years, he also directed a series of commercials for an insurance company featuring the catchphrase "calm, down dear!"

Winner produced and directed two Euro-westerns: “Chato’s Land” (1971) with Charles Bronson and “Lawman” with Burt Lancaster (both 1971).

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  1. He was indeed a Winner ( with a capital "W" )!
    R.I.P, your fans around the world will miss you...:(
    Stephan, from Brazil