Wednesday, July 7, 2021

New Book Release “Apache Gold”








Apache Gold

Author: Craig Brackenridge


Country: U.K.

Publisher: Old Dog Books

Language: English

Pages: 144

SKU: OD009

ISBN 9780993430961


Arizona, 1869. Douglas Fenraw is a lawman tormented by memories of the night his wife and children were slain in front of him by an unknown gang. Now no more than a drifter with a badge, Fenraw is known for bringing his own brand of justice to any town that will pay him. The town council of the dusty mining town Wilburg are keen to exploit a rich seam of gold in a range of hills occupied by a tribe of Apache Indians known as the Chokonen and they want Fenraw to help them achieve their goal using his unique brand of brute force.

Wilburg’s Mayor provides Fenraw with his 'help', a dozen roughnecks who appear to be no more than a bunch of hoodlums but Fenraw does some recruiting of his own to protect his back and hires Fred Kelly and his brothers and Silent, a destitute mute who proves to be a ruthless killer when provoked. When an Apache attack puts a nearby settlement of Scottish miners in danger, Fenraw is forced to act but only bloodshed follows bloodshed and greed, revenge and desire make a lethal combination.

As the bodies drop, Fenraw has to decide who to trust or who to slaughter. In this truly wild west... blood, money and vengeance are the only law.


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