Friday, July 2, 2021

Manuel Olaya will shoot the teaser for the short film ‘Infortunio’ at MiniHollywood in Tabernas

The cast of this film is made up of actors Alex Navarro, José Varela and Pedro López

Diario del Almeria’

June 17, 2021

Manuel Olaya returns this weekend to the MiniHollywood Village in Tabernas where he will shoot the teaser for the short Infortunio , a story about the greed that money brings, how money changes people, an assault on a Wells Fargo stagecoach and the misfortune that comes with that safe. A western with a nod to John Ford and Sam Peckinpah.

The cast is made up of Alex Navarro, José Varela and Pedro López. Antonio Olaya as the main cast plus figuration and some action actor from the Oasys MiniHollywood Film Park will shape this story, homegrown, written and scripted by Manuel Olaya. “This work comes by decision of all my work team, friends and collaborators who embark on a new project with much more enthusiasm and desire given the track record that Arizona 1878 has obtained to date. My previous work, today with 84 official selections around the world and 50 awards highlighting very important awards, for best short film in Hollywood or New York, for best director and production design, so the aesthetics of the short will be the same way, the one that has triumphed in the North American festivals in the Bollywood film industry in India” points out Olaya.

Filming starts this weekend and the production companies are Jag Dreams de Garrucha by José Guijarro and Ingrafía by Evelina Zukauskaite in San Isidro (Nijar). The soundtrack is by David Miralles and arms by Armería Leonardo.

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