Sunday, April 5, 2020

Who Are Those Composers ~ Gino Peguri

Luigi ‘Gino’ Peguri’s date of birth is unknown. Most likely he was born in Italy in the early 1930s. He composed over 30 film scores for many diverse genres including Euro-westerns where we can identify six films he was credited as composer. His first credited score was for an Italian television documentary called ‘Sicilia del Gattopardo’ and his last credited score was for the film “Delitti, amore e gelosia” in 1982. He was still somewhat active as in 2013 as he’s credited with the song “Olives and Lemons” for the film “Village People”.

PEGURI, Gino (Luigi Peguri) [Italian] – composer, songwriter.
Renegade Gunfighter – 1965
7 Magnificent Pistols for Timothy – 1965
The Fury of Johnny Kid - 1966
A Man Called Amen – 1968
Zorro the Fox* - 1968
Seven Nuns in Kansas City – 1973

* Available on CD

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