Saturday, April 4, 2020

Spaghetti Western Locations for “Day of Anger”

After visiting Abel Murray and forcing him into signing a confession of his part in the bank robbery and making Talby a 50% owner of the saloon. The scene shifts to Talby and Scott waiting for Perkins henchmen and cowboys to come to town searching for Talby to hang. Talby positions himself on one side of the street while Scott hides in the shadows on the opposite side. When the gang arrives Marshal Nigel tries to stop them but the gang shoots him in the leg. Talby and Scott, reluctantly, open fire and the kill McKenzie and three others while wounding two of the six gunmen. Talby tells Scott they now own the town and no one will bother them from now on.

This scene was filmed at the Cinecitta western set in Rome, Italy.

For a more detailed view of this site and other Spaghetti Western locations please visit my friend Yoshi Yaskiuda’s location site: and Captain Douglas Film Locations

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