Thursday, April 23, 2020

Spaghetti alla Martino

Spaghetti alla Martino – Italian title

A 2019 Italian documentary production [
Producer: Daniele Ceccarini, Francesco Tassara
Directors: Daniele Ceccarini, Francesco Tassara
Story: Daniele Ceccarini, Francesco Tassara, Paolo Settimini
Photography: Daniele Ceccarini, Francesco Tassara [black & white, color]
Music: Riccardo D’Ambra
Running time: 60 minutes

Story: The documentary film by Daniele Ceccarini and Francesco Tassara tells the prolific career of Sergio Martino, one of the few directors of Italian cinema to have crossed almost all cinematographic genres with elegance and versatility (the biographies speak of 66 directories, 44 screenplays, 5 films from production manager) and which reached the pinnacle of his artistic production between the fortunate seventies and eighties, the golden age of Italian cinema, always addressing a popular audience with numerous films that have become cult today; a director once snubbed by national critics but beloved by the audience and by today's "foreign" directors, tightrope walkers of postmodern cinema that crosses genres, such as Tarantino. The documentary recounts his career by historicizing filmography, a unique season, when Italian cinema was a big industry, the second in the West after the American one. Through the direct stories of the director and the contribution of actors, friends and collaborators, memories of work and life are brought together offering an unprecedented overview of an exceptional and elegant author.

Cast: Lino Banfi, Claudio Bartolini, Barbara Bouchet, Martine Brochard, Pippo Franco, Ernesto Gastaldi, Massimo Antonello Geleng, Marco Giusti, Sergio Martino, David Pulici, Dario Vergassola, Milena Vukotic, Hal Yamanouchi

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