Monday, April 13, 2020

European Western Comic Books ~ Ibp Gabbiano Rosso

Ibp Gabbiano Rosso features stories already published in the weekly PIONEER: BUFFALO BILL (BB), AQUILA BIANCA (AB), CAPITAN BLOOD (CB), IL GABBIANO ROSSO (GR). The texts are by P. Bracaglie and Isan and the designs of Clario Onesti. The covers are signed by Giovanni Sforza Boselli. The last two books of the series do not show the titles on the cover.

This comic book series was first published in 1954 with the first issue coming out on September 13, 1954 and ending with issue #11 on February 16, 1955. It was published in Rome, Italy by the Pioneer Publishing House under the direction of Dina Rinaldi. Each issue consisted of 32 black and white pages with color covers.

01 (9/13/1954) - “Buffalo Bill e Nuvola Rossa” (BB) (Buffalo Bill and Red Cloud
02 (10/04/1954) - “Buffalo Bill contro il tatuato” (BB) (“Buffalo Bill Against the
                             Tattooed Artist”)
03 (10/18/1954) - “Aquila Bianca” (AB) (White Eagle)
04 (11/01/1954) - “La rivolta dei chejennes” (AB) (The Revolt of the Cheyennes)
05 (11/16/1954) - “L’ultima battaglia” (AB) (The Last Battle)
06 (12/01/1954) - “Capitan Blood” (CB) (Captain Blood)
07 (12/16/1954) - “I pirati della Tortuga” (CB) (The Pirates of Tortuga)
08 (01/01/1955) - “Il corsaro fantasma” (CB) (The Corsair Ghost)
09 (01/16/1955) - “Il Gabbiano Rosso” (GR) (The Red Seagull)
10 (02/01/1955) - “La beffa di Londra” (GR) (The Mockery of London0
11 (02/16/1955) - “La missione del Cormorano” (GR) (The Mission of the Cormorant)

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