Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Who Are Those Guys? - Luis Bredow

Luis Sierra Bredow was born in Oruro, Bolivia in 1947. An actor and theater director, he began his career in the theater in Santiago de Chile where he lived with his family, he went up to the stage to present the monologue "On the harm it does the snuff  by Anton Chekhov," It was absurd, because of it he got the role of a child the role of an old man. A very mysterious and rare event. However, people enjoyed it, "he told the journalist actor Javier Badani, who wrote on those early days: "The first theater school of Luis Bredow was his home in Chile. It started with his aunt, Maria Teresa Sierra. When he was a child, she studied theater at the University of Chile. And then he asked his nephew to help him by reading the lines of the characters of the works they were interpreting. So he learned interpretation. Bredow then went to school and saw the representation of the role he had rehearsed with Sierra. That was his greatest thrill at the academy. "The 16-year-old went on to study in France, where he studied drama and film at the University of Aix-En Provence; he combined his training with studies on geography. He remained in Europe for 15 years. He returned to Bolivia in the 1970s and worked as a consultant on agricultural issues in areas such as the Chapare of Cochabamba. Founder and director of theater group 'Threshold' (1980). He entered film to star in the video ' Recorrer esta distancia' (1988) directed by Francisco Ormachea with texts by Jaime Saenz. Then came the movies, 'Dí buen día papá' Fernando Vargas. ' Evo pueblo’ de Tonchy Antezana, Evo village' of Tonchy Antezana' ‘Escríbeme postales a Copacabana' by Thomas Köntaler, 'Che: Guerrilla' by Steven Soderberg, ' Y también la lluvia' by Bollain. Simultaneously he formed his own production company video called 'Tarpuy'. In Bolivia he’s worked with theater groups 'Time', with Rosmery Canedo, and the group 'Harlequin' Mabel Rivera. Today he participates regularly in theater festivals in several Bolivian cities.

BREDOW, Luis (Luis Sierra Bredow) [1947, Oruro, Bolivia -     ] – director, stage, film, TV actor, married to ?, father of photographer Mariana Bredow, founded The Threshold Theater [1980], founded Tarpuy Productions.
Blackthorn - 2010 (doctor)

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