Thursday, March 31, 2016

Crowley: Every Cowboy Needs His Horse

Crowley – Jeder Cowboy braucht sein Pferd – German title
Crowley: Every Cowboy Needs His Horse – English title

A 2015 U.S.A., German television production [
Producers: Max Milhahn, Heike Kunze
Director: André Hörmann
Story: André Hörmann
Telelplay: André Hörmann
Photography: Thomas Bergmann [color]
Music: Henry Reyels
Running time: 15 minutes


Story: Crowley is 11 years old and lives together with his father on a ranch in Colorado. At first glance Crowley is a little cowboy, but he is 'not quite there yet' as he says himself. A real cowboy takes on responsibility and is able to stand on his own two feet. Crowley helps out on the ranch wherever he can: he helps branding animals, catching cattle, that got lost in the large canyons and repairing the fences. It's not an easy life. But nonetheless, he wants to take over the ranch when he's all grown up so he can finally say: I am a real cowboy!

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