Monday, March 7, 2016

European Western Comic Books - Il Giustiziere del West

The extraordinary figure of the Lone Ranger, a myth of American comics, surely inspired the creators of “Il Giustiziere del West” (The Executioner of the West), a knight from the famous colleague overseas had inherited not only the courage and strength, but also the black mask and Indian partnerr, Penna d'Aquila, accompanied by his faithful dog Lightning. Created by G. L. Bonelli, the series featured drawings by Giorgio Scudellari, Schipani and Monasterolo. Reprinted later on '"Albo d'Oro Audace" as "The Masked Avenger," at the hands of writer Franco Baglioni.

Giorgio Scudellari was born in 1908 in Chile, but lived and worked in Italy for most of his life. He was part of the initial staff of the publishing house Nerbini in Firenze. He was present in the first issue of L'Avventuroso' in 1934 with 'Dal Deserto alla Giungla'. During that same year, he drew some extra material for the Italian publication of the first 'Mickey Mouse' newspaper strip by Walt Disney, Ub Iwerks and Win Smith, published in the Supplemento di Topolino. Scudellari drew several other adventure and humorous comics for Nerbini. In 1938, he made a weekly 'Pinocchio' strip with writer Paolo Lorenzini.

He left Nerbini and began cooperations with other publishers, such as Mancuso ('L'Eroico', 1945), and Bonelli ('Il Giustiziere del West', 1948). He also illustrated several episodes of 'Fulmine' between 1946 and 1950. He eventually focused on animation work, and cooperated on Anton Gino Domenghini's film 'La Rosa di Bagdag' in 1950. He then participated in the creation of several short advertising films from IMA Film in Milan. During the 1950s, he cooperated with Lo Scolaro, and for a brief time, also worked in advertising animation with Giulio Chierchini. He died in Brazil in 1966.

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