Friday, March 11, 2016


Les Chacals – French title
Chacals – French title
The Jackals – English title

A 1917 French production [Les Productions André Hugon (Paris)]
Producer: André Hugon (Jean Hugon)
Director: André Hugon (Jean Hugon)
Story: Chacals by d'Arnold Day (Jean Hugon)
Screenplay: Albert Dieudonné (Albert Sorre), André Hugon (Jean Hugon)
Cinematography: Mérobian (Karémine Mérobian) [black & white]
Running time: 525 meters

Gervisi - André Nox (Abraham Nonnes-Lopes)
Higgins - Louis Paglieri
James Hampton - M. Byon
Dolores Melrose – Musidora (Jeanne Roques)
Benedictus - Marc Gérard
Goldoya - René Carrère
With: Maggy Delval

Dolores Melrose, daughter of a wealthy Englishman Lord Melrose, is courted by an adventurer, the Cuban Goldoya, who’s madly in love with the young girl. Melrose is pushed into buying a mine starts with three partners in exploration of a deposit in the heart of Cuban Sierre Mountains. Dolorès, who married a famous wild game hunter will once again cross paths with the enterprising Métis.

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