Saturday, March 5, 2016

Calamity Jane

Calamity Jane: Légende de l'Ouest – French title
Calamity Jane: Wild West Legend – English title

A 2013 U.S.A., French co-production [Arte France, Temps Noir (Paris)]
Producer: Song Pham, Tancrede Ramonet
Director: Gregory Monro
Story: Gregory Monro
Screenplay: Gregory Monro, Flore Kosinetz
Cinematography: Nicolas Le Gal [color]
Music: Sandy Lavallart
Running time: 52 minutes & 82 minutes

Narrators – Romane Bohringer, Lexie Kendrick
Calamity Jane – Kay Campbell
Calamity Jane 8 years old - Cameron Fikejs
Calamity Jane 12 years old – Alex Golding
Journalist – Cassidi Leigh Parker
Josephine Brake – Bonnie Brennan
Jessie 4 years old – Vayda Cayegos
Jessie 9 years old – Jordan Burnett
Cowboy – Sheriff – Lyle DeRose
Photographer – Gregory Monro

110 years to the day after Calamity Jane’s death, the film will unravel the mystery of the very first American heroin and show how the myth was born. Viewers will be taken back into the real-life Wild West of the 1880s. Far from the rumors, assumptions and fables, we will tell the true story of Calamity Jane the free woman, a solitary and courageous figure who - from the Conquest of the West to the Indian Wars, from the arrival of railroad to the rise of journalism - was the embodiment of the pioneer era, when everything was possible, from the very worst to the very best.

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