Friday, March 11, 2016

Spaghetti Western Trivia - acid

Eli Wallach was almost poisoned on the set of Sad Hill Cemetery. Eli is supposed to break open the leather sacks containing the gold with a shovel. It was rather tough leather, so the prop men had put some acid on the sacks to make it easier for Eli to crack them open. It was a rather hot day when filming began on the scene. Eli loved drinking a lemon soda that came in special bottles with a little porcelain cap and wires to hold it in place. Taking a break from the scene Eli saw the little soda bottle, flipped back the lid and started to drink but got a mouth full of acid. He immediately spit it out and Leone handed him a bottle of milk and told him to drink it all down. The acid would have destroyed his vocal cords. He finished filming the scene with a mouth full of sores.

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