Monday, March 14, 2016

RIP Riccardo Garrone

Italian stage, film and TV actor Riccardo Garrone died in Milan on March 14th. He was 89. Mostly seen as a villain and town boss he was born in Rome on November 1, 1926. He's probably best remembered for his role as Killer Kossock in The Bang Bang Kid 1967 but also appeared in Deguello (1965), "If You Want to Live... Shoot! (1967), "No Room to Die" (1969), "A Man Called Sledge" (1970) as the warden "Sting of the West" (1972) as the sheriff and "The Crazy Bunch" (1974) as Frisco Joe. Riccardo was the brother of director, screenwriter Sergio Garrone.

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