Wednesday, March 23, 2016

A Cowboy’s Creed

A Cowboy’s Creed – English title

A 2012 U.S.A., Kyrgyzstan co-production [Flying V Designs (Jackson Hole)]
Producers: Nel Boshoff, Vanessa Garnick Boshoff, Peter Buerhaus, Al Deeds, Garret Edington,
Andrew Eftimiadis, Elizabeth Frank, Jessica O'Neal
Director: Vanessa Garnick Boshoff
Story: Vanessa Garnick Boshoff
Screenplay: Vanessa Garnick Boshoff
Cinematography: Tristan Bayer, Ian Kellett [color]
Music: The Whiskey Collection
Song: "Across The Divide" sung by Jessica Camilla O'Neal and the Never Sweat Players
Song: "Great American Cowboy” sung by Creed Garnick
Songs: "Little Maggie", "No Man's Land", "Other Side of Town", "The State of Things" sung by The Whiskey Collection (Cameron Scoggins, Corey Gerstenfeld, Alex Jenkins, Russell Durham, Kyle Brightwell, Jon Seale, Matt Porter, Char Prescott, Rich Hinman, Bennett Sullivan, Kai Welch, Don & Jan)
Running time: 90 minutes

Story: A Cowboy's Creed is a documentary film that follows Broadway actor and cowboy Creed Garnick from his home in Wyoming, to the concrete jungles of Manhattan and a journey to a rodeo in hills of Kyrgyzstan- as Creed intertwines with the cowboy culture connecting with other cowboys from around the world.

Creed Garnick, Vanessa Garnick, Cameron Garnick

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