Thursday, September 2, 2021

Who Are Those Gals? ~ Margo Cottens


Margo Noemí Cottens Costa was born in Montevideo, Uruguay on January 9, 1922. At the same time, she was attending elementary studies, she took acting classes at the School of Dramatic Art run by Margarita Xirgu. She also studied Architecture, and worked as a draftsman.

However, she ended up dedicating herself to the world of acting and in 1955 she formed her own theater company, together with her husband, the playwright and stage director Rafael Bertrán.

She settled in Spain in 1960, where she developed the bulk of her artistic career. Her first role was in the film "Margarita se llama mi amor" (1961), it was0 a great success with the public that allows her from that moment to appear in dozens of films and television spots during the next two decades.

Specializing in comic-toned roles, she made her last film in 1981, dedicating herself from that moment to sporadic appearances on TV and in the theater, where she triumphed in such films as “La guerra empieza en Cuba” (1956), “La herencia” (1957), “Una muchachita de Valladolid” (1958), “El cielo dentro de casa” (1958), “Ardele o la Margarita” (1964), “La ratonera” (1965), “¡Quiero ver a Miusov!” (1966), with Valentin Cataviev, “Sólo el amor y la luna traen fortuna” (1968), “Equus” (1975), “Lástima que sea una puta” (1979), “El hombre del atardecer” (1981), “Las amargas lágrimas” by Petra Von Kant (1985), “Mamá quiero ser artista” (1986), “¡Sublime decisión!” (1988), “La loca de Chaillot” (1989), ”Rosas de otoño” (1990), “El abanico de Lady Windermere” (1992), “La muralla” (1993) and “La pereza” (1994).

Her time on television left notable performances in “Cuarto de estar” (1963), “Sonría, por favor” (1964-1965), “Novela, Cosas de dos” (1984) and “La comedia musical Española” (1985).

COTTENS, Margo (aka Margot Cotens, Margott Cottens) (Margo Noemí Cottens Costa) [1/9/1922, Montevideo, Uruguay – 1/2/1999, Madrid, Madrid, Spain (lung cancer)] – theater, film, TV actress, married to director, playwright Rafael Bertrán

Billy the Kid – 1963 (Mrs. Price)

Novela: Carta de hidalgos (TV) - 1966

For a Few Bullets More – 1967 (Helen’s aunt)

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