Friday, September 24, 2021

New Blu-ray release ~ “Django Nudo”








“Django Nudo und die Lusternen Madchen von Porno Hill”

(DJANGO NUDO and the Lustful Girls of Porn Hill)


Director: B. Ron Elliott

Starring: John Eversteiff, Donna West, Steve Allen


Country: Germany

Label: Xcess Entertainment

Discs: 2

Aspect ratio: 1.78:1 (1080.24p)

Language: German DTS-HD 1.0

Running time: 75 minutes

Multiple cover cases

Extras: Original trailer, audio commentary (Christian Kessler & Heinz Klett), German. Cinema display, U.S. press photos, advertising advice. With a 24-page booklet by Mike Blankenburg.



and the lustful girls of porn hill


HD World Premiere

The Wild West: where men are still real men and women! Cute teacher Rachel Clark travels to the awesome village Porn Hill with her late dad's gold mine card. Already on the carriage ride to the hot nest she meets Django, the sharpest shooter in the Wild West. Of course the strappy cowboy offers her to... smack her! But danger brews, because unwashed villains and a lesbian brothel owner want poor Rachel to get gold and laundry. Will Django save her and ride in the sunset with her?

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