Tuesday, September 21, 2021

New Short Film Release Sauerdogs


Sauerdogs – International title


A 2021 Spanish short film production [Naif Films, PuroCuento, Yukon Winter AIE, Zapruder films (Madrid)]

Producers: Luisa Cowell, Guillermo de Oliveira, Eloisa Noain, Charli Rodrigo Allepuz,Yadira Ávalos

Director: Guillermo de Oliveira

Story: Guillermo de Oliveira

Screenplay: Héctor Rojo, Guillermo de Oliveira

Cinematography: Carlos de Miguel [color]

Music: Zeltia Montes

Running time: 15 minuutes

Story: As their loyalty begins to crumble, two unlucky prospectors and a battered dog sled try desperately to make it home under a glacial winter.


Hans – August Diehl

Bill – Jonathan D. Mellor


A glacial winter has set in. Bill and Hans, two unlucky prospectors and a battered dog sled, try to make it home. Walking through a desolate snowy valley, exhausted and with empty hands, they have no room for mistakes left.

When one of the dogs can’t pull anymore and food starts to run short, the pillars of their loyalty begin to crumble.

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