Friday, September 3, 2021

RIP George Martin


Spanish stuntman, producer, director, writer and leading actor George Martin died in Miami on September 1, 2021. He would have turned 84 on September 18th. Born Francisco Martínez Celeiro in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain he was a member of the Spanish acrobatic team which led to him being cast in films in the late 1950s. His good looks and athletic ability led to lead roles in Spaghetti westerns and action films. George appeared in 40 films between 1956 and 1975. He also wrote scripts and directed a few films along the way. Some of his best known films were “A Pistol for Ringo” and “Return of Ringo” both in 1965. “A Taste of Killing” (1966); “Clint the Stranger” and “15 Scaffolds for a Killer” both (1967); “Return of Clint the Stranger” (1972) and “3 Supermen Out West” (1973). He ended his career abruptly and moved to Miami, Florida where he became a successful land developer. He was given an award in recognition of his contribution to the Spanish westerns at 2017 Almeria Western Film Festival and more recently married Mercedes Piedra in 2018.


  1. He will be remembered,May he rest in Peace. lovely man.

    1. Good guy in A Pistol for Ringo, bad guy in The Return of Ringo. Excellent actor.
      S.T.T.L ( R.I.P.)