Saturday, September 25, 2021

Old Shatterhand and his 4000 Bears!

 Mike Connolly (July 19, 1913 – November 18, 1966) was a syndicated American columnist for the Hollywood Reporter that ran in Vanc. BC papers -

the collection of stuff he must have had]

Nov. 13, 1964, Syndicated, Hollywood Reporter


Love these titles !


Old Shatterhand and his 4000 Bears !

4000 bears!!!


What a sight that would have been.


4000 bears!!!


I think the Germans were playing wild'n'loose with their 'OTTS', when

they came up with that title.


I believe the title is for the CCC film Shatterhand, as the Rialto's Frontier Hellcat is already

mentioned in the item.


Now we gotta' figure out who or what was Spike Sunday.

Any suggestions?


I wonder if any of the brochures survived?


Michael Ferguson

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