Wednesday, September 22, 2021

RIP Luis Gaspar


RIP Luis Gaspar. Spanish actor, writer, voice dubber died in Madrid, Spain on September 21, 2021. He was 88. Gaspar appeared in some 1,500 supporting roles as. a film dubber, but is most memorable from a scene often cut from Lee Van Cleef’s “The Big Gundown” (1966). Three outlaws are seen making their way through a mountain forest and when they reach the top they think they have met their guide Gulick but it’s lawman, bounty hunter Jonathan Caorbett who awaits. Corbett, an honorable and fair man offers the three outlaws a chance to escape if they can beat him to the draw in a duel. He puts three bullets on a log in front of the men and each one makes the decision to load his gun and try and outdraw Corbett. Two instantly draw and are slain but the third, the youngest of the bunch surrenders and as Corbett examines the dead outlaws young John O’Leary tries to shoot him in the back. Corbett knows this trick and is ready and shoots and kills his would be slayer. O’Leary is played by Gaspar. Luis Gaspar Cortina was born in Burgos, Spain on November 6, 1933 and appeared in five other Euro-westerns: “Dollars for a Fast Gun” in 1965 as Todd Martin; “A Stranger in Paso Bravo” (1966) as the bartender;  “Two Crosses at Danger Pass” (1967) as (Mark/Marty/Matt), “Zorro the Lawman” (1969) "Those Dirty Dogs (1973) as Philosoph and “The Black Wolf” (1980) as Ernesto.

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