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New Book Release ~Weird Western, cinema of the west without borders







“Weird Western, western cinema without borders”
Authors: Jesús Palacios Óscar Aibar, Miguel Ángel Martín, Rakel Suárez Hernández, Robert E. Howard, Alfredo Lara, Donato Totaro, Adolfo Reneo, Carlos Morcillo Mira.


Publisher: Applehead Team Creaciones

Pages: 443

Language: Spanish

Available: September 5-11, 2021

ISBN: 978-84-123964-3-0

What do such diverse films as The Valley of Gwangi , Metal Souls , Cowboys and Aliens or Bone Tomahawk have in common ? Well, it is difficult to specify because some are science fiction ... others have monsters ... oh, and another is horror and in it even cannibals appear. But without fear of being wrong, we could say that all of them are, to begin with, western movies. Sure? Are they western movies? The answer to this question is deeply analyzed and answered in Weird Western, Cinema of the West Without Borders. This book will be the commemorative work of the XXIII Costa del Sol International Fantastic Film Week, which will be held between September 5 and 11 of this year, and its publication will be carried out by the Applehead Team.

The objective of this collective volume is to establish and reflect on a catalog of classic western films to which elements typical of fantasy or scary cinema have been added. Although it sounds strange there are several and very illustrious examples, even beyond those mentioned, a series of productions that go from the 1940s to the present. Under the coordination of the critic and writer Jesús Palacios, a name that needs no introduction for moviegoers, this work promises a reading full of surprises, substantial ideas and new clues that fans of genre cinema will surely enjoy.

As a small preview, here is the index of Weird Western, western cinema without borders. To the Far West and beyond!


"An introduction to WW: breaking boundaries" by Jesús Palacios

“I directed a Spanish weird western: “Atolladero”” by Óscar Aibar

"Worms of the Border" by Jesús Palacios

"Valley of the Lost" by Robert E. Howard

“Raising the Frontier: Vampires and Zombies in WWA" by Adolfo Reneo

" Monster Western: A Fantastic Bestiary of the Frontier" by Rakel Suárez

"The Diabolical Frontier: strange sects and cults in the western world" by Jesús Palacios

"From Saviors to Angels of Death: Apocalyptic Westerns" by Donato Totaro

" Indian Country: Native Americans and WW" by Alfredo Lara

" The Dark Tower: Stephen… King of the WW '?" by Iria Barro Vale

Selected filmography commented by Carlos Morcillo

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