Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Templeton (TV)

Templeton – International title

A 2014 French production [Skits Production (Paris)]
Producer: Erwan Marinopoulos
Director: Stephen Cafiero
Story: François-David Cardonnel, Jonathan Cardonnel, Pierre Cardonnel
Teleplay: François-David Cardonnel, Jonathan Cardonnel, Pierre Cardonnel, Daive Cohen
Photography: François-Xavier Le Reste [color]
Music: Pierre Marie, Yohann Bourd
Running time: 10 episodes x 26 minutes

Jack - François-David Cardonnel
Cole - Jonathan Cardonnel
Butch - Hubert Delattre
Miss Daisy - Antoine Gouy   
Troy - David Salles
Lisbeth - Fanny Valette
Jackson - Cyril Gueï
Fletcher - Cosme Castro (Pablo Nicomedes)
LeMaire - Patrick Rocca
Lili Belle - Caroline Anglade
The Chinaman - Jonathan Cohen
Morty - Jean-Louis Barcelona
Malone - Nicolas Abraham
Buzz - Frédéric Saurel
Lee - Xiaoxing Cheng
Barman - Laurent Dolci
Dentist - Alexandre Fallais
Dame Tarte - Corinne Guth
Jeff - Monsieur Poulpe
John - Franz-Rudolf Lang
Lou - Sébastien Magne
L'Ivrogne - André Frediere
Man at intersection - Romain Lancry
Dead sheriff - Charles Van Tieghem
Maréchal Ferrand - Ambroise Chevalier
Trapper - Louis Fortier
Sheriff in the saloon - Alexis Rangheard
Prostitute - Julie Bargeton
Doc - Gregory Kozely           
Veuve - Yvonne Schaeffer
Miguel - Philippe Ohrel
Shérif - Frédéric Moulard

It happens by chance that in the town of Two Rivers, Butch decides to meet his brothers rob a gold convoy to help their mother to rebuild her farm that had recently burned. For his part, Jack quickly becomes the sheriff of the town and seduces the daughter of the Mayor, the charming Lisbeth, while Cole falls under the spell of the "patron" of the saloon, the very strange Miss Daisy. Gradually, the three brothers reconcile, integrate and learn to become bandits hoping to devise the perfect plan for their future robbery. They only have a few weeks and the Two Rivers residents are not as honest as they seem.

The series premiered on March 23, 2015 on France’s OCS network.

Episode list
1 J'le sens pas ce plan, 2 Il m'a manqué de respect!, 3 Qui contrôle le saloon contrôle l'information, 4 Fait t'as r'en dans l'pantalon, 5 Vous faites une belle brochette de cons tous les trois, 6 Non, mais il sait que Miss Daisy sait...., 7 Quelle journée de merde, 8  Je cherche mon frère, 9 Mes p'tits chats on a une diligence à attaquer, 10 Oh putain...

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