Friday, January 22, 2016

Spaghetti Western Trivia - Wanted Posters

In the 1967 film $10,000 for a Massacre Gianni Garko’s Django character has befriended photographer Fidelius and is staying at his photography shop. Senor Mendoza has had his daughter kidnapped by the Mexican outlaw Manuel Vasquez. He comes to Fidelius’ shop to ask Django to go after Vasquez and save his daughter. Django only goes after wanted men with a minimum of $10,000 on their heads and turns the Mendoza down as Vasquez is only wanted for $3,000 as the many freshly printed wanted posters in his shop clearly show.

In 1968’s The Great Silence Klaus Kinski plays bounty hunter  Tigrero and one of the men he’s after is Manuel Vasquez and the very same wanted poster is shown as he asks the bandits hiding in the mountains if they know his whereabouts. 

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