Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Back to Hell

Back to Hell - English title

A 2000 British production [Exterminating Angel Productions (London)]
Producer: Tod Davies
Director: Alex Cox
Story: Alex Cox
Screenplay: Alex Cox
Cinematography: Todd Darling, Tom Richmond (Thomas Richmond) Alex Cox [color]
Music: Pray for Rain, Zander Schloss
Running time:

Sy Richardson, Luis Contreras, Tom Richmond, Dennis Hopper, Joe Strummer (John Mellor), Xander Berkely, Biff Yeager, Sue Kiel, Ed Pansullo, Alex Cox, Dick Rude (Richard Rude), Del Zamora, Jennifer Balgobin, Miguel Sandoval, Sean Madigan, Zander Schloss, Dan Wool (Daniel Wool), Olivia Sandoval, Andrea McFeely

"Back to Hell" is an informative and rather tongue-in-cheek look back at the cast, what shooting the film was like according to them and where they are now. It features a number of funny, snarky, and memorably insincere anecdotes, as when Zander Schloss complains about being kicked around throughout the shoot or when two actors recall how their peers complained bitterly that they didn't get any of the mountains of cocaine clueless film reviewers erroneously insisted were being passed around on set. Alex Cox and Dick Rude throw together a characteristically smart and essential audio commentary track. Cox talks about the film's production history in such great detail that he often makes you wish the film he were talking over were as good as the one he's describing.

The documentary can be found on the DVD “Straight to Hell Returns” as an extra. Released December 14, 2010.


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