Sunday, January 24, 2016

Kepler's Dream

Kepler’s Dream – English title

A 2015 U.S.A., British co-production [Kepler's Dream (Albuquerque), The Brewery (London)]
Producer: Sedge Thomson
Director: Amy Glazer
Story: Kepler’s Dream by Juliet Bell (Sylvia Brownrigg)
Screenplay: Amy Glazer, Sylvia Brownrigg, Ann Cummins, Vijay Rajan
Cinematography: Nancy Schreiber [color]
Music: Patrick Neil Doyle
Running time: 90 minutes

Adela – Tailinh Agoyo
Ella – Isabella Blake-Thomas
Hospital Administrator – Ryan Jason Cook
Abby – Leedy Corbin
Jackson – Stafford Douglas
Rosie – Esperanza Fermin
Walt – Sean Patrick Flanery
Irene – Kelly Hu
Abercrombie – David Hunt
Amy – Kelly Lynch
Miguel – Steven Michael Quezada
Sheriff Barkley – Hank Rogerson
Dr. Brian Lannert – Mark Sivertsen
Violet von Stern – Holland Taylor
Pilot – Sedge Thomson
Edward - Drew Pollock

Kepler’s Dream is about 11-year old Ella’s courage and exploration of her family in a world as foreboding and entrancing as the moon. Set in New Mexico a most magical landscape, Ella is guided by her fearsome grandmother, Violet Von Stern, who finds her granddaughter perhaps the greater guide during her summer of “broken family camp”.

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