Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Seth's Gold Wins Best Short Film

Seth's gold has taken the award for best short film western in the XVI short film contest of Cine Corto de Salas de los Infantes. Quite an honor to receive this award in the year of the 50th anniversary of the shooting of "the Good, the Bad and the Ugly" (Sergio Leone, 1966) filmed in the same area. Many thanks to the organization, the Asociación Cultural Serranomatiega and Asociación Cultural Sad Hill. As always, to the 87 producers and to all those who gave their help and financial support.

Seth’s Gold

Red Dead Redemption: Seth’s Gold – International title
Seth’s Gold – International title

A 2014 Spanish production [Zapruder Pictures (Madrid)]
Producers: Marta Ezpeleta, Javier Esteban Muguiro, Javier Esteban Loring, Guillermo Fernández
de Oliveira, Juan Francisco Miguel,
Director: Guillermo de Oliveira
Story: Guillermo de Oliveira
Screenplay: Guillermo de Oliveira
Cinematography: Juanra Pérez [color]
Music: Hary Haja
Song: “Far Away” sung by María Katt
Running time: 10 minutes

Story: John Marston embarks on a suicide mission to capture the only man who can return to his family. In his battle you will have two unique traveling companions.

John Marston - Russell Birdwell
Seth Briars - Roman Vogdt
Nigel West Dickens - Toni Rodríguez (Antonio Jeffrey)
Rabbit - Blondie
Bill Williamson’s gang – Manfredi Giannoni, Leonardo Giménez Martín, Jesús Sánchez Daniel González, Miki Poveda, José Enrique Martínez Moya, Raúl Barrios Martínez Martinez, Javier Esteban, Ricardo Cruz (Ricardo Fernandez), José Antonio Arroyo, Juan Francisco Miguel, Pablo Ruiz Pérez
Armadillo residents - Juan Francisco Miguel, Mary Luz Martínez Martinez, Amelia Martínez, Mike Poveda, Javier Esteban, Alberto Morales, Rafeal Aparicio, Plácido Martínez, Javier Jiménez, Francisco Morales, Victor Rodriguez, Carolina Martinez, Raquel Herreria Barrera, Raul Barrios Herreria

The Award is made from Cedar taken from the site of Sad Hill Cemetery and engraved with a silhouette of Blondie from The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. 

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