Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Who are Those Guys? - Gino Barbacane

Luigi ‘Gino’ Barbacane is an Italian character actor. According to the IMDb he appeared in only eight films from 1966-1969, seven of which were westerns. The blond character actor was pretty easy to pick out in the films he did appear in. Probably best remembered for his role in "The Brute and the Beast" (1966) as the Scott henchman dressed in a white suit at the party that Franco Nero interrupts before his brutal beating by Nino Castelnuovo. He resembles Luciano Rossi in some respects but his career was short and he disappeared from the scene. I can find no information on where he is today or what he may be doing.


(aka Simon) (Luigi Barbacane) [1939, Italy -     ] – film, fotoromanzi actor, married to Alabarita Battisti (1964-1979) father of Andrea Barbacane, Viviana Barbacane, founded Balera Fotoromanzi Magazine.
The Brute and the Beast - 1966 (Scott henchman)
Bandidos - 1967
Hallelujah for Django - 1967 (Jarret/Clay Thomas henchman)
My Name is Pecos - 1967
The Great Silence - 1968 (Loco henchman)
If You Meet Sartana, Pray for Your Death - 1968 (Lasky henchman)
Pecos Cleans Up - 1968
Sabata - 1969 (soldier guarding bank)


  1. Thaks to Howard Hughes, a correction and an additional credit "He's a member of Loco's gang in The Big Silence. He is also the US soldier guarding the bank, who staggers into the saloon with news of the heist at the beginning of Sabata".

  2. Recently we found out Gino was born in 1939 and was married from 1964-1979 to Alabarita Battisti and has two children Andrea and Viviana. He founded 'Balera' Fotoromanza magazine and became a and actor in that format.

  3. He married the sister of Lucio Battisti, the greatest italian songwriter