Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy 70th Birthday Marisa Solinas

Anna Marisa Solinas was born in Genoa, Italy on May 30, 1941. She is the older sister of singer actress Vittoria Solinas [1943- ]. Marisa dreamed of becoming an opera singer and attended Teatro Carlo Felice and studied voice. She decided to become a pop singer instead and in 1960 she moved to Milan. She became an actress and appeared in an episode of Boccaccio 70. She married director Italo Panone in 1964 and they had a son David. In 1968 she appeared in the first issue of Playmen. She was linked to Italian song writer Luigi Tenco [1938-1967] who committed suicide in 1967. Solinas blamed his death on debts he owed to pay a bribe to the organizers of the Sanremo Song Festival. For this she was denounced. She made her singing debut in 1964 with ‘Devi imparare’ & ‘Le tue care dolci cose. Her biggest hits were ‘Ecstacy’ 1968 and ‘vai suora vai’ (1981). In 2009 she released an album ‘Venerefenice - History’. Marisa appeared in five Euro-westerns: "A Colt in the Hand of the Devil" (1967), "Killer, Adios", ""Blood Calls to Blood", "Garter Colt" (1968) and "Blindman" (1971). Marisa’s last film appearance was in the 2005 TV film "Lucia". Today we celebrate Marisa Solinas’ 70th birthday.

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