Sunday, May 1, 2011


Dio perdoni la mia pistola - Italian title
Dieu pardonne à mon pistolet - French title
Django - Gott, vergib seinem Colt - German title
Got, vergib seinem Colt - German title
Ego Syghoro, to pistoli mou ohi - Greek title
God Will Forgive My Gun - English title

A 1966,1969 Italian production [Abrorea Film, Società Ambrosiana Cinematografica (Rome)]
Producers: Aldo Addobbatti, Paolo Moffa
Directors: Mario Gariazzo, Leopoldo Savona
Story: Mario Gariazzo, Leopoldo Savona
Screenplay: Mario Gariazzo, Leopoldo Savona
Cinematography: Stelvio Massi [Eastmancolor, Cromoscope]
Music: Vasco & Mancuso (Vasco Kojucahrov, Elsio Mancuso)
Running time: 94 minutes

Johnny ‘Texas’ Brennan - Wayde Preston (William Strange)
Gladys Martin - Loredana Nusciak (Loredana Cappelletti)
Jerome - Joe De Santis (Giuseppe De Santis)
Sheriff Martin Brennan - Giuseppe Addobbatti
Deputy Jason Martin - Dan Vadis (Daniel Vafiadis)
Judge Collins - Arthur Ken (Arturo Dominici)
Ross - Gilberto Galimberti
Ramon Ramirez - Livio Lorenzon
Pedro Ramirez - Riccardo Pizzuti
Clayton/Charley Clanton - José Torres
Doctor Stevens - Fedele Gentile
clock merchant - Nino Marchetti
Burt - Arnaldo Fabrizio
Tommy - Bruno Arié
dwarf - Salvatore Furnari
stagecoach driver - Fortunato Arena
Martin henchman - Omero Capanna
Ross henchmen - Irio Fantoni, Angelo Susani, Franco Ukmar
with: Osiride Pevarello, Pasquale Basile, Antonietta Fiorito, Caroline Clark, Moa Tahi

A Texas Ranger, Johnny ‘Texas; Brennan, is asked to investigate an old rancher named Prescott, accused of robbing a post office. The arrival of "Texas" in the village of Oakland City puts Mr. Martin, owner of the ranch bordering that of Prescott into turmoil. Martin fears the presence of "Texas" and shows this openly. Because of his gunfighting ability, the ranger is able to escape the attacks of Martin’s henchmen. Gladys, Martin’s daughter, tells "Texas" that between her father and Prescott, there has been a long-standing rivalry over the use of the river that runs through the two properties. Continuing his investigation, "Texas" tracks down Jerome, who had participated in the post office robbery. He confesses that Martin had concocted the robbery and put the blame on Prescott. Now exposed. Martin seeks to flee, but "Texas" brings him to justice along with his accomplices.
[The film was started in 1966 under the direction of Mario Gariazzo for Abrorea Film but shelved for financial reasons. The film was completed in 1969 under the direction of Leopoldo Savona for Società Ambrosiana Cinematografica.]


  1. Italian title is slightly misspelled - it's "pistola", not "pistoli".

    My English language version has on-screen title "God Will Forgive My Gun".

    Entertaining spaghetti with very catchy theme song. Wayde Preston had a good luck with films he made in Italy. Even though often low budget, I think they all turned out quite well.

  2. Corrections noted and made. Gracias Smjango. With this cast I'm surprised this film was not a bigger production.

  3. I agree with you there, Tom. I too don't know why it wasn't a bigger production since Wayde Preston was an even bigger success in Italy. He had just recovered from his failure in the show "Colt .45" and was doing great for himself. He should have gotten more recognition for this film but alas he did not. Oh well. Can't win them all.