Saturday, May 21, 2011

Remembering Hartmut Beer

Hartmut Beer was born on May 21 1941 in Pabianice, Poland. The son of a bricklayer the family left their home due to World War II war and settled in Holzweißig near Bitterfeld, Germany. After graduation, the young Hartmut enters the Babelsberg film school and because of his talent and successful training he graduates in 1964. At the Meininger Theater, he embarks on a stage career. He then appears on stage in Greifswald, Annaberg, Radebeul and Freiberg, before he returns again to working in Meiningen from 1988-1990. Here he stars in Ediger Aitmatov's "Ein Tag, länger als ein Leben" (A Day Longer Than a Life) and his most important - by his own admission - his most difficult role. In 1990, he makes a commitment to appear in Heidelberg but, only two years later, he is stricken with a an ailment that will eventually take his life. Already during his college studies Beer makes his film debut with small roles in DEFA films, as an accomplice in the fairy tale film "The Golden Goose". With his special love for horses, he enjoys appearing in five of the legendary DEFA Indian films: "Trail of the Falcon" (1968), "Fatal Error" (1970), "Apaches" (1973), "The Long Ride from School" (1982) and "The Scout" (1983). In these westerns he specializes in playing the villains. 1997 doctors diagnose him with an incurable brain tumor. The last few months of his life he spends with his caring sister-Barbara Heide Schmidt Holzweißig. Beer died on May 15, 1998 in Holzweißig, Germany. Today we celebrate what would have been Hartmut Beer’s 70th birthday.

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