Thursday, May 5, 2011

Gold in New Frisco

Gold für Frisco - German title
O Ekdikitis - Greek title
Oro tragico - Italian title
Gold in New Frisco - English title

A 1939 German production [Bavaria-Filmkunst (Munich)]
Producer: Curt Prickler
Director: Paul Verhoeven (Paulus Verhoeven)
Story: novel by Robert Arden
Screenplay: Axel Eggebrecht, Ernst Hasselbach
Cinematography: Otto Baecher, Carl Hoffman (Karl Hoffmann) [black & white]
Music: Norbert Schultze
Running time: 97 minutes

Frank Norton - Hans Söhnker
Fergusson - Gerhard Bienert
Mick - Josef Eichheim
Kitty Burtons - Ellen Frank
Inspector Jim de Lacy - Alexander Golling
Miller - Danny Gürtler
Doris Burtons - Hilde Jansen
Wirt Bronson - Walter Lantzsch
Blodd - Franz Loskarn
Henry Manning - Reinhold Lütjohann
Dolly Pepper - Annie Markart (Anti Markart)
Forges - Ernst Martens
Spencer - Walter Pose
Stones - Hans Hermann Schaufuss
Dickson - Ludwig Schmid-Wildy
Jack McGrather - Alfons Teuber
Burtons - Gustav Waldau (Gustav Von Rummel)
McKinley - Carl Wery
Watson - Paul Westermeier
Jonathan Pepper - Otto Wernicke

To avenge his father a man pretends to have found a profitable gold mine which is actually worthless. In turn he sells it for a large sum of money to the same greedy banker who ruined his father years before.


  1. This very rare film - the pic shows the cover of it's pulp novelization - was shown April 20th in Berlin, apparently:

  2. Sorry, my mistake: The film is adopting the novel, not the other way round.

  3. ...and (do you belive in coincidences) it was shown just yesterday at the federal Bundesarchiv:

  4. I do believe that movie is super duper hit. I saw some scene of this movie and could guess movie would be interesting one..quite excited about it. Will watch it soon..