Monday, May 23, 2011


Monta in sella... figli di...! - Italian title
Cinque per l’oro di los Quadros - Italian title
Repóker de bribones - Spanish title
Cinq pour l’or de los quadros - French title
Dipsasmenoi gia hrysafi kai aima - Greek title
Five for the Gold of Los Quadros - English title
The Great Chihuahua Treasure Hunt - English title
The Great Treasure Hunt - English title

A 1972 Italian, Spanish co-production [Continental Films, Industrial Prucine (Rome), Estudios Cinematográficos Roma (Madrid)]
Producer: Tonino Ricci (Cecil Richardson)
Director: Tonino Ricci (Cecil Richardson)
Story: Jesús R. Folgar (Jesús Rodriguez Folgar)
Screenplay: Tonino Ricci (Cecil Richardson), Fabio Tallevi (Fabrizio Diotallevi)
Cinematography: Raul Artigot (Cecilio Rodriguez) [Eastmancolor, CinemaScope]
Music: L.E. Bacalov (Luis Enriquez Bacalov)
Running time: 95 minutes

Dean Madison - Mark Damon (Alan Herskovitz)
Agnes - Rosalba Neri
André - Alfredo Mayo (Alfredo Martinez)
Sam Madison - Stan Cooper (Stelvio Rossi)
Felipe - Luis Martin (Luis Gutierrez)
El Supremo - Giancarlo Badessi (Giancarlo Badese)
with: José Luis Chinchilla, Adolfo Thous, Francisco Sanz, Bruno Arié

Brothers Dean and Sam Madison, ally themselves with poker cheat Andre the Frenchman and his female companion Agnes). They accept the proposal of a Mexican ballad singer named Felipe, which involves stealing, and then dividing a large treasure accumulated by a Mexican government General named El Supremo. Upon entering Mexico, the enterprise succeeds in their mission, thanks to the wiles of Agnes, that has enchanted El Supremo, and with the help of Felipe. Once in possession of the treasure, Felipe (who was been faking blindness) forces his comrades to surrender the treasure to his Mexican revolutionary comrades.

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  1. Corrections, Tom.
    Mark Damon is playing Dean Madison, Stelvio Rosi his brother. Alfredo Mayo is André.

  2. Thanks Fatman, corrections made. Tom