Monday, May 30, 2011

RIP Antonio Bruschini

Italian film critic, writer and author and teacher Antonio Bruschini passed away from an incurable disease on the evening of May 30th in Italy. Bruschini was co-author with Federico De Zigno of the three volume "Westerns... All’Italiana" set of books on Spaghetti Westerns. I had the pleasure of corresponding and helping him with research during the writing of these books back in 1997. Bruschini was born on March 28, 1956 and started his writing career back in 1985 as an advertising writer for "P 77" in Florence. From 1988-1992 he was the film critic for "La Gazzetta di Firenze-Town". He also taught Italian film history and gave seminars at Scuola per Stranieri di Fabbricotti di Firenze. He started writing books with "Horror all’Italiana 1957-1979" for Glittering Press in 1996 followed in 1997 with "Operation Fear. The Directors Guide of Italian Gothic" and "Violent City - Italian Crime Film and "Spaghetti Westerns - The Specialists" Vol. 1 followed in 2001 with "The Wild, the Sadist, and the Outsiders" Vol 2. and finally in 2006 "Spaghetti Westerns. 100 More Must See Movies". Other books of note were "Lucio Fulci. The Poet of Cruelty ‘Unknown World’. He was a professor of Film Screenplay Independent Film at the National School of Florence in 2000-2007.


  1. A great film writer and great person has died. Antonio Bruschini wrote wonderful and insightful articles for two books I published in Spain into my Quatermass collection: “Antología del cine fantástico británico” (Anthology of the British horror movies, 2004) and “Antología del cine fantástico italiano” (Anthology of the Italian horror movies, 2008). I had the privilege to meet Antonio in person in Granada (Spain) in 2009, a brilliant theorist, an excellent professional and a beloved person. Thank you for everything, Antonio, you will be greatly missed.
    Javier G. Romero (Quatermass)

  2. The three Western all'italiana books are must-reads for all genre aficionados. A great loss for the worldwide community of genre buffs.
    Breccio (from France)