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Il grande duello - Italian title
Le grand duel - French title
Drei Vaterunser für vier Halunken - German title
Sabata, o Justiceiro - Brazilian title
Suuri kaksintaistelu - Finnish title
Fataal tweegevecht - Flemish title
Keravnos kato apo ton ilio - Greek title
Monomahia mehri thanatou - Greek title
I megali mahi - Greek title
A nagy leszámolás - Hungarian title
O Grande Duelo - Portuguese title
El gran duelo - Spanish title
Gran duello al amanecer - Spanish title
Den Stora Duellen - Swedish title
Büyük duello - Turkish title
Hell’s Fighters - U.K. title
The Great Duel - English title
The Big Showdown - English title
The Loner - English title
Storm Rider - U.S.A. title
The Grand Duel - English title

A 1972 Italian, French, West German co-production [Mount Street Film (Rome), SNC (Paris), Corona Filmproducktion (Munich), Terra Film (Berlin)]
Producers: Henryk Chorscicki, Ettore Rosboch
Director: Giancarlo Santi
Story: Ernesto Gastaldi
Screenplay: Ernesto Gastaldi, Albert Kantof
Cinematography: Mario Vulpiani [Eastmancolor, CinemaScope]
Music: Luis Bacalov, Sergio Bardotti
Running time: 100 minutes

Sheriff Clayton - Lee Van Cleef (Clarence Van Cleef, Jr.)
David Saxon - Horst Frank
Patriarch - Horst Frank
Philipp Vermeer/Newland - Peter O’Brien (Alberto Dentice)
Marshal Eli Saxon/Joe Buck - Marc Mazza (Marc Mazzacurati)
Adam Saxon/Jeff - Klaus Grünberg
Elisabeth - Dominique Darel
Anita - Sandra Cardini (Alessandra Cardini)
Big Horse/Anthony/Peacock - Jess Hahn (Jesse Hahn)
Hoak/Skinny - Antony Vernon (Antonio Casale)
Borghese - Gastone Pescucci
Madame Oro - Elvira Cortese
Anita - Alessandra Cardini
Mrs. David Saxon - Anna Maria Gherardi
Old John - Giovanni Filidoro
deputy - Bob Clark (Robert Clark)
Joe Barrel - Hans Terofal (Hans Seitz)
Saxon henchman - Ray O’Connor (Renato Capitini)
Bull - Giorgio Trestini
bartender - Salvatore Baccaro
hangman - Furio Meniconi
undertaker - Mimmo Rizzo (Giacomo Rizzo)
one-eyed man - Giancarlo Badessi (Giancarlo Badese)
whore - Maria Teresa Piaggio
townsman - Pierogiorgio Plebani
bounty killers - Franco Fantasia (Francisco Fantasia), Ottorino Poletinit, Angelo Susani
with: Vittorio Sancisi, Memè Perlini (Amelio Perlini), Luigi Antonio Guerra, Michaelangelo Mastroni, Gianni Di Segni, Clemente Cipriano, Luigi Masironi, Luigi Scavran

Clayton, former sheriff of Jefferson, stops a bounty killer siege on the young Philip Vermeer, who had managed to escape and take refuge in the mountains after being wrongly accused by the the Saxon brothers of killing their father, called "The Patriarch". Vermeer was sentenced to death by a corrupt judge, and Philipp believes that Clayton is a bounty hunter, and tries to stay away from him, but is taken under his protection. In the end, however, he ends up in the hands of the three Saxon brothers, one of which, the marshal, directs the hanging to proceed. Clayton stops the hanging and reveals that he was the killer of the ‘The Patriarch’ in order to stop his thirst for killing. At the end of a furious duel between Clayton and the Saxons frees the town of their tyrannical rule.

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  1. Noteworthy for some of the very best spaghetti theme music from Bacalov and Bardotti. The main theme is powerful stuff.

  2. Totally agree. Very original and memorable score you will never forget.