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Il grande silenzio - Italian title
Le grand silence - French title
Le grand massacre - French title
O silencio da morte - Brazilian title
O Vingador Silencioso - Brazilian title
Suuri hiljainen - Finnish title
Suuri hiljaisuus - Finnish title
Leichen pflastern seinen Weg - German title
O ekdikitis tou diavolou - Greek title
A halál csöndje - Hungarian title
Czlowiek zwany Cisza - Polish title
O Grande Silêncio - Portuguese title
El gran silencio - Spanish title
Den tyste hämnaren - Swedish title
The Big Silence - English title
The Great Silence - English title
A 1967 Italian, French co-production [Adelphia Compagnia Cinematografica (Rome), Les Films Corona (Paris)]
Producer: Sergio CorbucciDirector: Sergio Corbucci
Story: Sergio Corbucci
Screenplay: Sergio Corbucci, Vittoriano Petrilli, Mario Amendola, Bruno Corbucci
French dialogue: André Tranché
English dialogue: Lewis E. Ciannelli (Lewis Edward Ciannelli), John Hart
Cinematography: Silvano Ippoliti [Eastmancolor]
Music: Ennio Morricone
Running time: 106 minutes
Silenzio/Silence - Jean-Louis TrintignanT
Sheriff Gideon Burnett/Corbett - Frank Wolff (Walter Wolff)
Tigrero/Tiger - Klaus Kinski (Nikolaus Nakaszynski)
Henry Pollicut - Luigi Pistilli
Pauline Middleton - Vonetta McGee (Lawrence McGee, Jr.)
Martin - Mario Brega
Governor of Utah - Carlo D’Angelo
Regina - Marisa Merlini
Sanchez/Bobo Schultz - Raf Baldassarre (Raffaele Baldassarre)
Walter - Spartaco Conversi
false sheriff - Remo DeAngelis
Charlie - Bruno Corazzari
barman - Mimmo Poli (Domenico Poli)
Silence as a boy - Loris Loddi
Silence’s mother - Adriana Giuffre
saloon girl - Mirella Pamphili
bounty killers - Claudio Ruffini, Luciano Rossi
child on sled - Giulia Slavatori
outlaw - Fortunato Arena
stagecoach driver - Benito Pacifico
Miguel’s mother - Maria Mizar (Maria Ferrara)
mother of murdered outlaw - Pupita Lea Scuderoni
with: Marisa Salli, Jacques Toulouse

In the winter of 1898, the rough weather brings hunger and privation to the small village of Snow Hill, Utah. In order to survive, the poor people start to steal and rob. Therefore they become outlaws and have to hide in the mountains, because they now have bounties on them. While people are suffering, the village becomes a paradise for bounty hunters, who cannot be opposed by now wanted outlawed villagers.

When Pauline's husband falls prey to the unscrupulous bounty hunter Loco, she hires a mute gunfighter named Silence, to kill Loco and avenge her husband’s murder. Since Silence as a child had to watch his parents being killed by bounty hunters, he tramps through the country chasing those who are killing people for money under the cloak of the law. In order not to violate the law and be added to the blacklist of the bounty hunters, he provokes them to pull out their weapon first and shoots them in self-defense. But Loco is too smart to fall for this trap and does not allow himself to be provoked. Sheriff Gideon Burnett has been given the impossible task by Governor of Utah to re-establish law and order in the region and to grant amnesty to those starving in the mountains. He is eliminated by Loco and now must face Silence in a final showdown. [Two endings were filmed and are available: (1) Silence is shot and killed. (2) Sheriff Burnett rides into Snow Hill just in time to save Silence and together they dispose of Loco and his gang].

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