Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Gold for the Tough Guys of the Prairie

Guld til praeriens skrappe drenge - Danish title
Bocken som sheriff - Swedish title
Gold for the Tough Guys of the Prairie - English title

A 1971 Danish production[Merry Productions, S. Dansk-Svensk Film (Copenhagen)]
Producer: Henrik Sandberg
Director: Finn Karlsson
Story: Finn Karlsson, Carl Ottosen
Screenplay: Finn Karlsson, Carl Ottosen
Cinematography: Claus Loof [Eastmancolor]
Music: Sven Gyldmark
Song: "Swingdoor-Susie" sung by Dirch Passer, Paul Hagen, Preben Kaas, Willy Rathnov (Kaj Rathnov)
Running time: 101 minutes

Jonathan Ignasius Salvatore ‘Biggy Jones’ - Dirch Passer
Sam - Will Rathnov (Kaj Rathnov)
Shorty - Paul Hagen
Ben - Preben Kaas
Swingdoor-Susie - Judy Gringer
Shannahoo - Lykke Nielsen
Jeff - Preben Mahrt
Sheriff of Greenville - Carl Ottosen
telegrapher - Jesper Klein
Sheriff of Cornerstone - Jørgen Kiil
Slim O’Hara - Lars Lunøe
cowboys - Otto Brandenburg, Jens Jørgen Thorsen, Poul Glargard, René de Fries, Reginald Samsø, Dale Robinson, Sven Cleemann
Pige - Susanne Breuning
Scumbag Jenny - Kirsten Sloth
line dancer - Kurt Andersen
saloon pianist - John Morgensen (John Mogensen)
Indian - Ingolf David
bully - Holger Vistisen
‘Great Bread’ - Edward Fleming (Flemming Møller)
bartender - Torben Bille
girl - Josephine Passer
with: Eddie Karnil (Edvardo Karnil)

A follow up comedy western to "Tough Guys of the Prairie". It seems a gold shipment is being undertaken, but unfortunately an outspoken telegrapher reveals a little too much about the operation and the rumor of the shipment spreads rapidly. Through the town of Cornestone the gold must pass, and some bandits are eager to grab the treasure. Unfortunately, they just do not know where it is actually located, and this leads to a lot of complications and misunderstandings. ‘The Prairie Tough Guys’ Biggy, Sam, Shorty and Ben take action, but they don’t know much about the gold either. Only and Indian girl named Shannahoo knows the proper location and operation, but she’s not easy to get something out of. It takes time for both bandits and heroes to find out the truth. In the end a big thumping good fist fight occurs with plenty of fisticuffs and the hats fly.

YouTube link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N1w514a5pEs

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