Monday, May 9, 2011


Uno sceriffo tutto d’oro - Italian title
L’or du sherif - French title
Un sherif tout en or - French title
Töte, Ringo, töte - German title
Töte ihn, Ringo, töte - German title
Oi treis skliroi tis Arizona - Greek title
The Sheriff with the Gold - English title
A Golden Sheriff - English title

A 1966 Italian production [Fono Roma, Wonder Film (Rome)]
Producer: Giulio Sbarigia
Director: Richard Kean (Osvaldo Civirani)
Story: Roberto Gianviti
Screenplay: Osvaldo Civirani, Roberto Gianviti, Enzo Dell’Aquila (Vincenczo Dell’Aquila)
Cinematography: Glen Eastman (Osvaldo Civirani) [Eastmancolor, Cromoscope]
Music: Jan Christine (Nora Orlandi)
Song: "The Gold Men" sung by Don Powell
Running time: 88 minutes

Arizona Roy - Louis McJulian (Luigi Giuliani)
Jane - Kathleen Parker (Caterina Trentini)
Sheriff/Marshal Jeff Randall (Jacques Berthier)
Vargas - Ares Lucky (Frotunato Arena)
Tiger - Ivan Scott (Giovanni Scratuglia)
Jack - Luciano Rossi
passengers - Aldo Rendine, Nando Angelini
bank director - Franco Pesce (Francesco Pesce)
bank guard - Renzo Pevarello
Vargas henchman - Amerigo Santarelli
Tiger henchman - Piero Morgia
with: Paolo Bianucci, Piero Bianucci, Claudio Biava (Claudio Biavati), Ugo Carboni, Franco Etella, Cristina Gallo, Mario Lanfranchi, Guglielmo LoVecchio, Bob Messenger (Roberto Messina)

Arizona Roy, an outlaw, is about to be lynched is rescued by Jeff Randall, a U.S. Marshal, who takes with him prisoner in order to testify at an important trial. Roy, suspicious by nature, asks Jeff for an explanation and the lawman tells him he is needed as an accomplice to rob a gold shipment. Roy must comply as he is threatened with a gun, forcing him to the stop a stagecoach with travelers to rob them and force the driver to hand over the boxes containing half a million dollars in gold. At the inn where they hideout after the robbery the corrupt Marshal hides the gold, where it is discovered by Jane, the owner of the tavern. A bandit named Vargas seizes the gold and Roy, Randall and Jane must unite to recover the half a million dollars and escape the gang of Vargas. The Sheriff cannot live with his life of crime and has a change of heart. He tracks Roy to his hideout and confronts Vargas who kills him but confesses that Arizona Roy is not guilty of his accused crimes.

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