Monday, May 2, 2011

New CD Release

The first CD of the series dedicated to the great Maestro Francesco de Masi and to his scores written for Western Cinema is dedicated to the complete release of the famous movie directed by Enzo G. Castellari VADO L'AMMAZZO E TORNO. Maestro de Masi, among the most important composers of the 19th century is one of the most prolific contributors of this Italian genre cinema that marked the evolution of Western movies from the American classic style to a o more violent and real one. A great title in Beat Records catalogue, now available with a lot of extra music, original artwork, liner notes written by the Maestro son, Filippo de Masi: the first meeting with the new series dedicated to the composer that will be closed with a DVD-documentary full of surprises! Jewel Box with 8 Pages Booklet. Limited edition to 500 copies!

Vado l’ammazzo e torno (Any Gun Can Play)

Label: BEAT
Country: Italy
Starring: George Hilton, Edd Byrnes, Gilbert Rolans
Composers: Francesco De Masi
Tracks: 16
Total time: 41:59 minutes
Extras: 8 page booklet, liner notes by Filippo De Masi
Limited addition: 500 copies
Available: May 9, 2011

Track Listing
1. Vento e whisky 2'38''
2. Mexico western 2'42''
3. Monetero's plan 1'21''
4. Deadly waiting 2'27''5. Marisol 2'23''
6. La marcia del gamberetto 1'39''
7. Dead's looking out 2'45''
8. Clayton pursuit 2'00''
9. Riding and whistling 3'40''
10. Hidden half 1'13''
11. Mexico fiesta 2'38''
12. That‘s your turn, Monetero 2'42''
13. Three for gold 1'21''
14. La marcia del gamberetto 2'27''
15. Gold and whisky 2'23''
16. Stranger * 1'39''


  1. One of the best Italian Western scores from one of the finest film composers of all time!
    Really looking forward to the other titles in this proposed series! Viva De Masi!!

  2. Me too Chris. DeMasi's son promised this series a few years ago and I basically gave up on it. Even though I have all of DeMasi's westerns that have been released these new editions should include extra tracks and I'm really looking forward to the DVD.