Monday, May 2, 2011


The WME Agency has officially confirmed the rumors of the past few days: "Quentin Tarantino has just delivered the final draft of his new movie, the spaghetti western "Django Unchained" to the Weinstein Company."

The film will be produced by Stacey Sher (Pulp Fiction) and Pilar Savone, and will have among the cast Christoph Waltz, who had previously worked with Tarantino in "Inglourious Basterds".

Plot: "Django is a freed slave, who, under the tutelage of a German bounty hunter (to be played by Christoph Waltz) becomes a bad ass bounty hunter himself, and after assisting Waltz in taking down some outlaws for bounty, is helped by Waltz in tracking down his wife, who is still a slave and liberating her from an evil plantation owner."
The script was finished a few days ago, and although it speaks like a Tarantino film a Southern Western, it seems to have been written more like a Spaghetti western. The project should be moving very quickly, and filming could begin well before the end of the year: The Weinstein Company will distribute the film as is traditional in the United States, while Universal is the frontrunner for the international distribution thanks to the $ 190 million that it has managed to earn from Inglourious Basterds outside the United States but the script has also been shown to Warner Bros, Paramount and Sony.
I will keep you posted as things develop


  1. Thanks for the info! This is gonna be off the hook!!!

  2. Hmm. Sounds like "The Outcasts":
    What do you think?

  3. Hi Breccio - Yes I agree it does sound like a somewhat remake of the outcasts except they were two escaped convicts dependent on each other. This sounds like two different cultures who need each other to accomplish their own goals.

  4. This is great news! I loved the acting and tension in the first act of Inglorious Basterds. Unfortunately for me the movie collapsed after the escape of Shoshanna and was quite boring afterwards but that scene is a classic to become! Why can't Tarantino make a complete movie like this first act?

  5. They actually went through with the filming of "Django Unchained" and it became very successful. I plan on making a Western movie myself in the near future called, "Sartana Is Coming....Pay Or Die!" It will focus on my character, Sartana, being a bounty hunter in the Old West. If he is available, I will try to get Gianni Garko to appear in the film as the older version of my character who reflects on his past while being interviewed in the 1900s. I will also write the screenplay and direct. Hopefully, it will be a major success. Wish me luck. I feel I'm gonna need it.