Sunday, May 29, 2011

Happy 85th Birthday Louis Velle

Louis Velle was born on May 29, 1926 in Saint-Leu-la-Foret, France. His film career began with an appearance in "Matrimonial Agency" (1951). Since then he has appeared in over 70 film and TV shows. Velle is also a screenwriter and a voice actor. He appeared in two Euro-westerns "Frontier Hellcat" (1964) as Gordon and in the 1986 French short "Bitumes". Louis married screenwriter and actress Frédérique Hébrard [1927- ] in 1949. They had a son Nicholas Velle who is a film producer. Velle is still active and currently appears in the French soap opera "Les châtaigniers du désert". Today we celebrate Lous Velle’s 85th birthday.

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