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Grey Owl

Grey Owl - U.K. title
Buho Gris - Spanish title
Grey Owl - Gufo Grigio - Italian title
Grey Owl - U.S.A. title

A 1999 British, Canadian co-production [Ajawaan Productions, Allied Filmmakers, Beaver Productions, Largo Entertainment (London), Transfilm (Toronto)]
Producers: Richard Attenborough, Jake Eberts, Claude Leger, Diana Hawkins, Josette Perrotta
Director: Richard Attneborough
Story: William Nicholson
Screenplay: William Nicholson
Cinematography: Roger Pratt [Kodakcolor, Panavision]
Music: George Fenton
Running time: 120 minutes
Archibald ‘Archie Grey Owl’ S. Belaney - Pierce Brosnan
Cyrus Finney - Stewart Bick
Harry Champlin - Vlasta Vrana
Anahareo/Gertrude ‘Pony’ Bernard - Annie Galipeau
hunters - Neil Kroetsch, Serge Houde
hotel guest - Peter Colvey
Ned White Bear - Nathaniel Arcand
hotel manager - Jacques Lussier
Chief Pete Misebi - Jimmy Herman
Slim Hancock - John Dunn-Hill
Jim Bernard - Graham Greene (James Nolan)
Gus Mitchell - Gordon Masten (J. Masten)
trappers - Chip Chiupka, John Walsh
Jim Wood - David Fox
hikers - Annabelle Torsein, Marcel Jeannin, Kent McQuaid, Craig Gauthier
Hawkins - Matthews Sharp
Walter Perry - Charles Powell
Bill Oliver - Sean Gallagher (Seann Gallagher)
Tom Walker - James Bradford
Southampton reporter - Noel Burton
Carrie Belaney - Renee Asherson (Dorothy Ascherson)
Ada Belaney - Stephanie Cole (Patricia Cole)
Halifax reporters - Richard Jutras, Art Kitching, Pierre Lenoir, Norris Domingue (Joseph Domingue) Immigration officer - Al Vandercruys (Al Vandecruys)
powwow chief - Floyd Crow Westerman (Floyd Red Crow Westerman)
Wabiken Lodge dancers - Gene Blackbird, Lindsey Cote, Arnold Jocks, Tahatie Montour, Rene Tonda, Splicer Kiepprien, Donald J. White, Kevin Peltier, Donald Swamp
lead Wabiken Lodge drummer - Gerald McDonald
Wabiken Lodge drummers - Michael MacDonald, Narcisse Kakegabon
powwow dancers - Frank Buswa, Vernon Cardinal, Josie Cox, Donald Dowd, Hilliard Friday, Les Harper, David Herman, Joseph McLeod, Dylan Manitopyes, Brian Moore, Gordie Odjig, Gary Parker, Ron Ranville, Steve Sands, Dwight ‘Bucko’ Teeple, Denis Whiteye, Larry Yazzie,
lead powwow drummer - Steve Wood
powwow drummers - Elmer Baptiste, Shane Dion, Aaron McGilvery, Ferlin McGilvery, Bradley McGilvery, Cecil Nepoose, Leroy Whitstone
Chief’s Counselman - Jeffrey Lee
King George VI - himself (Albert Wettin) [archive footage]
Princess Margaret - herself (Margaret Windsor) [archive footage]
Queen Elizabeth - herself (Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon) [archive footage]
Princess Elizabeth - (Queen Elizabeth II) (Elizabeth Windsor) [archive footage]

Grey Owl’, was an Englishman who moved to Canada and embarks on a Native American adventure packed with high explosives, exploitation and romance. The true story tells the tale of the enigmatic Archie Belaney, an Englishman who moved to the Canadian wilds and reinvented himself as the Apache Indian, ‘Grey Owl.’
When Grey Owl takes to the Canadian wilderness as a trapper and adventurer, he exploits the forests for his own profit, making good use of dynamite and high explosives! However, he soon changes his ways when he meets the native Mohawk-Indian ‘Pony’ and falls in love with her. Slowly, through her kindness, he learns to protect and not trap animals, a decision that has enormous consequences.

Grey Owl begins to understand the fragile balance of their habitat and embarks on a mission to bring awareness of the destruction of the natural world to the masses. He rises to international status as a pioneering voice of environmental conservation but his fame is jeopardized when a reporter discovers his dark secret that he is a white man not the Indian he is made out to be.

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