Monday, May 2, 2011

Remembering Sergio Mioni

Sergio Mioni was born in Italy on May 2, 1931. He began his successful career as an actor in the film "The 3 Magnificent Supermen" (1967) by Gianfranco Parolini: After his first stunt, he began to reveal his great qualities as a technical advisor first and then from 1975 in the film "Mark the cop shoots first "Stelvio Massi as stunt coordinator.From this moment he began working on many Italian and international productions, giving new credence to the art of stunts and the Stunt Coordinator, innovating and helping to bring young people to the top level as a stunt master of weapons and making them grow personally and professionally through his great experience. Sergio would specialize in action and adventure films, he participated in many highly successful films in Italy: among which are: "Quelli della Calibo 38" (1976) Massimo Dallamano, "Come perdere una moglie e trovare un amante" (1977) by Pasquale Festa Campanile, "Giallo napoletano" (1979) by Sergio Corbucci with Marcello Mastroianni and Renato Pozzetto, "Da grande" (1985) by Sergio Amurri with Renato Pozzetto, then move on to international productions such as TV's "El riturno de Santo" (1979-1979) and entered films in cinema history as Black Stallion (1979) by Carroll Ballard, "Raiders of the Lost Ark" (1981) by Steven Spielberg starring Harrison Ford (with whom he runs in a famous scene), "The Last Days of Pompeii "(TV movie - 1984) by Peter Hunt," The Jewel of the Nile "(1985) by Lewis Teague with Michael Douglas, Danny DeVito and Kathleen Turner," Ladyhawke "(1985) by Richard Donner with Rutger Hauer and Matthew Broderick, "The Name of the Rose" (1986) by Jean-Jacques Annaud, starring Sean Connery and Christian Slater. Sergio appeared in only one Euro-western "The Crazy Adventures of Len and Coby" (1975). Sergio Mion died July 17, 1987, leaving a huge void, but at the same time an indelible mark in the world of stunt bringing Italian art in the world of modern cinema. His sons Stefana Maria and Riccardo have followed in their fathers footsteps and continue to produce great stunt men and coordinate films with their copany StutnItalia. We remember one of the great stunt coordinators and stuntmen of the Italian cinema today on what would have been his 80th birthday.

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