Thursday, February 20, 2020

RIP Juan Ramón Molina

Spanish Special Effects Director Juan Ramón Molina has died (Molinafx). The list of work in Almeria that he worked on since the beginning of his career learning the trade in titles such as 'Treasure Island ' (1972): 'Straight to Hell' (1987), 'Here Comes Condemor... ' (1996 ), 'A Dollar for the Dead' (TV 1998), 'The Year of Maria' (2000), '800 Bullets' (2002),  'Four Lions' (2010), 'A War' (2015), 'Game of Thrones s' (2016), 'Assassin's Creed' (2016), 'The Sister Brothers ' (2018), 'Hanna' (TV 2019), 'The Spanish Princess' (TV 2019), 'Domino' (2019). Among His awards he received a Goya for the best special effects for '800 Bullets'. Rest in peace

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